About Us

Experience MagicMic

As a young and dynamic startup that was founded in 2023 and focuses primarily on first-class audio devices, we are proud that our founder, Julian Helbig (26 years old), has the necessary expertise. Julian not only has the expertise but also the passionate dedication to audio engineering.

Our team has grown steadily since it was founded, and this is largely due to the support and trust of our brilliant customers. Thanks to you, we have not only been able to grow as a company, but also develop innovative products that are tailored precisely to the needs of our community.

Julian's expertise, combined with the power of our team and great customers, has made MagicMic a reliable and emerging force in the audio industry. Our products are developed by a team passionate about quality and creative solutions.

We at MagicMic invite you to become part of our growing community and explore the world of high-quality audio devices together. Our journey has just begun, and we look forward to continuing to grow with you. MagicMic stands for innovation, quality and the experience of a founder who has shaped the audio industry with passion and expertise.

Good sound quality is also possible cheaply, but only with your help!


The founder of MagicMic is Julian Helbig (26 years old), from Harpstedt (near Bremen). 10 years of experience with audio technology.

CEO of the social media marketing agency, Helbigecomsolutions

Our vision

We recently successfully launched the MagicMic 2nd Generation and were immediately sold out. We are already working hard on the MagicMic 3rd generation, which will offer even more quality. Our goal: Develop inexpensive microphones with constantly improving quality. Together with our vibrant community, we are shaping the future of audio experiences.

MagicMic Office/Warehouse

At MagicMic, we are proud to have grandly opened our new office/warehouse in 2024! It was an exciting day for us as we opened our doors to customers, partners and friends to celebrate this special milestone together.

You might have noticed that we also used microphones from other brands at the opening. This was because our latest MagicMic models had not yet been released and our start-up was still in its early stages. But don't worry - now we only use our microphones!

We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported us on our journey. Your support means a lot to us and motivates us to continue to develop great solutions for our customers.