How does it work?

MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation)

MagicMic™ 2in1 Microphone (2nd generation)

No more bad sound!

In environments where clear sound is essential, from professional studios to live performances, experts trust high-quality microphones. With the MagicMic™ microphone, you can now bring this professional technology directly into your home to ensure flawless audio recordings for your content anytime, anywhere.

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Quick guide

Simply place the MagicMic™ wireless microphone where you want to record, plug it in and experience instant, crystal-clear sound without an additional app.

For every need

Whether for podcasts, TikToks or vlogging - the MagicMic™ wireless microphone is versatile and suitable for almost all your devices.

How does it work on a smartphone?

Switch on the microphone by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds. Then plug the receiver into your smartphone.

Note: When the microphone and receiver are connected, the lights stop flashing. For an iPhone, use the included adapter.


How does it work on other devices?

Press and hold the button on the microphone for 2 seconds to switch it on. Then plug the receiver into a device, such as your laptop.



What is the microphone and what is it used for?

MagicMic is a small and discreet microphone that is attached to clothing to record audio. It is often used for presentations, interviews, stage performances, videos and other applications.

Is it suitable for podcasts?

Yes, MagicMic is ideal for podcasts.

Which directional characteristic is best suited?

The cardioid polar pattern is ideal for clip-on microphones as it effectively minimizes ambient noise and directs the focus to the sound source.

Can I use it on my iPhone?

Yes, the microphone is ideal for use with your iPhone. You will receive an adapter with your order so that you can use it for both iPhone and Android devices.

Can I use it for my Android?

Yes, the microphone is ideal for use on your Android smartphone. Whether Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel or on your Sony Xperia. You will receive an adapter with your order so that you can use it for both an Android device and your Apple iPhone.

How do you attach it securely to clothing?

Our MagicMic clip-on microphone has a holder that can be securely attached to clothing to ensure stable positioning.

Is it suitable for stage performances and presentations?

Yes, the MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) is ideal for stage performances and presentations as it allows clear audio recording and gives the speaker or performer the freedom to move around.

What connection options are available?

Our MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) can be used for Android and iOS.

Is MagicMic™ wireless and how does it work?

Yes, the MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) is wireless. It uses radio signals to transmit the audio data from the microphone to the receiver, giving the speaker or performer more freedom of movement.

Can MagicMic be used outdoors?

Yes, you can. With our matching windscreen, you can even reduce annoying wind noise.

Can MagicMic be used at sporting events?

Yes, it can be used at sporting events. However, the noise suppression may not work optimally. We are already working on the release of a 3rd generation, which is much better suited for sporting events.

Does the LED on the microphone charging box have to light up when it is charging?

Yes, that should be the case. If not, please contact our customer support team by email.

If I buy several microphones, does it run on one audio track?

Each microphone has its own audio track. However, it can be edited together afterwards. We offer a 2in1 version, which might be of interest to you. This set contains 2 microphones and everything runs on one audio track.

Which connection is intended for the DSLR camera?

The connection for the DSLR camera is normally a 3.5 mm connection. We only supply the Type-C, Lightning and USB connection. If the connection for the DSLR camera is a 3.5 mm connection, it may not work. We are already working on a 3rd generation that will have this connection option.

Which connection is intended for the GoPro camera?

The MagicMic can be connected without any problems. The connection for the GoPro camera is usually Type-C. We always provide this connection.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Our MagicMic™ microphone was awarded the #1 Content Creator Tool of the Year in Germany, so we offer an additional 30-day guarantee that you can rely on.