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MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation)

MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation)

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What do the sets contain?

Basic set:
1x microphone
1x receiver
1x wind protection
1x charging case
1x iOS adapter (Lightning)
1x USB adapter (USB)

Gift set:
1x microphone
1x receiver
1x wind protection
1x charging case
1x iOS adapter (Lightning)
1x USB adapter (USB)
1x bag


Microphone: MEMS microphone
Charging case size: 11.5*6.5cm
Microphone size: 7*2cm
Receiver size: 4.5*2.5cm
Microphone weight: 9g
Receiver weight: 4g
Connection: 2.4G
Input voltage: 5V
Microphone battery: 60mAh
Receiver battery: 90mAh
Charging case battery: 600mAh
Microphone battery life: 5-6 hours
Signal-to-noise ratio: 64 dBm
Adaptive noise reduction
Transmission delay:
Sensitivity: -42dB
Frequency response: 20-20 kHz
Transmission distance: Barrier-free 20-50 meters

Shipped from Germany

DHL shipping time : 1-3 days

We ship our goods from Germany with DHL parcel shipping.

Video instructions

For video instructions, click here.


The perfect microphone for content creators. Suitable for online meetings, podcasts, interviews, music, events and even film recordings with improved recording quality. Simply switch it on, plug it in and off you go, thanks to the simple plug & play solution. Better sound and a clearer voice thanks to the noise cancellation function. Awarded multiple times as Germany’s #1 content creator tool.


✅ Widely compatible

✅ With noise cancellation

✅ Plug-and-play solution

✅ 20-50m range

✅ 6-7 hours battery life

✅ Real-time sync

✅ Easy & Without delay

✅ 30 days guarantee

✅ Shipping from Germany


With the MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) you can take the recording quality of your devices to a new level. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, this all-in-one microphone is the perfect solution. It's easy to use and doesn't require an app . Within seconds you can prepare your smartphone, tablet, computer or camera for recordings or online meetings.


Stop worrying about poor audio quality. With enhanced MagicMic™ noise cancellation functionality and real-time automatic sync , your voice will be delivered clearer and clearer while keeping background noise in the background.


Turn on the microphone by holding the button for 2 seconds. Then plug the receiver into the USB port of your device. The receiver now lights up green and the microphone also lights up solid green. Complete!

For video instructions, click here.


What is the MagicMic™ Microphone (2nd Generation) and what is it used for?

MagicMic is a small and discreet microphone that attaches to clothing to record audio. It is widely used in presentations, interviews, stage performances, videos and other applications.

Is it suitable for podcasts?

Yes, MagicMic is great for podcasts.

Can I use it for my iPhone?

Yes, the microphone is ideal for use on your iPhone. You will receive an adapter in your order so you can use it for both an iPhone and Android devices.

Can I use it for my Android?

Yes, the microphone is ideal for use on your Android smartphone. No matter whether Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel or your Sony Xperia. You will receive an adapter in your order so you can use it for both an Android device and your Apple iPhone.

Which polar pattern is most suitable?

The cardioid polar pattern is ideal for lapel microphones as it effectively minimizes ambient noise and directs the focus to the sound source.

How do you securely attach it to clothing?

Our MagicMic lapel microphone features a mount that can be securely attached to clothing to ensure stable positioning.

Is it suitable for stage performances and presentations?

Yes, the MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) is ideal for stage performances and presentations as it enables clear audio capture and gives the speaker or performer the freedom to move freely.

What connection options are there?

Our MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) can be used for Android and iOS.

Is MagicMic wireless and how does it work?

Yes, the MagicMic™ Wireless Microphone (2nd Generation) is wireless. It uses radio signals to transmit the audio data from the microphone to the receiver, allowing the speaker or performer greater freedom of movement.

Can you use MagicMic outdoors?

Yes, you can. With our matching wind protection you can even reduce annoying wind noise.

Can you use MagicMic at sporting events?

Yes, it can be used at sporting events. However, noise reduction may not work optimally. We are already working on releasing a 3rd generation, which is much more suitable for sporting events.

Does the LED on the microphone charging box have to light up when it is charging?

Yes, that should be the case. If not, please contact our customer support via email.

If I buy multiple microphones, will it play over one audio track?

Each microphone has its own audio track. However, it can be cut together later. We offer a 2in1 version, which might be of interest to you. This set includes 2 microphones and everything runs over one audio track.

Which connection is intended for the DSLR camera?

The port for the DSLR camera is usually a 3.5mm port. We only supply the Type-C, Lightning and USB ports. If the port for the DSLR camera is a 3.5mm port, it may not work. We are already working on a 3rd generation that will have this connection option.

Which connection is intended for the Gopro camera?

The MagicMic can be connected without any problems. The port for the Gopro camera is usually Type-C. We always supply this connection.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Our MagicMic™ microphone was named the #1 Content Creator Tool of the Year in Germany, so we offer an additional 30-day guarantee you can rely on.