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MagicMic™ Microphone (3rd Generation)

MagicMic™ Microphone (3rd Generation)

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What do I get?

Choose from one or more MagicMic™ accessories for the 3rd generation of the MagicMic™ microphone. These will be delivered to you in high-quality packaging from Germany. (Microphone is not included)


Suitable for: MagicMic™ microphone (3rd generation)
Color: Black/Gray

30 day guarantee

At MagicMic™ we believe we produce some of the most innovative and trendiest technology products in the world. To back up this belief, we offer a RISK-FREE 30 DAY GUARANTEE you can rely on.

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Immerse yourself in the world of perfect sound with our MagicMic™ headphones. They offer crystal clear audio quality and maximum comfort , even during long sessions. Connect the headphones to your microphone to monitor your sound in real time . Ideal for content creators and audio professionals.


With the MagicMic™ windscreen you can achieve perfect recordings even in windy conditions . It eliminates annoying wind noise and ensures clear and professional audio quality . A must for any outdoor recording .


The MagicMic™ USB-C to USB-C adapter effortlessly connects your microphone to your laptop , smartphone or other devices. Simply plug in and start using, with no compatibility issues . Perfect for a seamless recording experience.


Use your MagicMic™ with your iOS devices thanks to the USB-C to Lightning adapter. It enables a quick and easy connection so you can get started right away. Ideal for creative minds with iOS devices.


With the MagicMic™ USB to 2x USB-C adapter you can, for example, connect both of your microphones at the same time to charge them. A practical solution for your home office or on the go. More flexibility for your recordings.


The 3-pin jack connection enables a stable connection between your MagicMic™ and other audio devices such as mixers , amplifiers or professional recording devices. Ideal for use in recording studios or live performances , this adapter offers excellent audio transmission without any loss of quality . Perfect for professional users who always want the highest audio quality .


Use the 3-pole to 2-pole jack connector to connect your MagicMic™ to various audio devices that require a 2-pole interface, such as speaker systems or some cameras . Ideal for audio enthusiasts and content creators who value flexibility and consistently high audio quality when using a variety of devices.


Which headphones are compatible with the MagicMic™?

Our MagicMic™ headphones are specially designed for use with the 3rd generation MagicMic™ and offer outstanding sound quality. They are compatible with all devices that have a standard headphone jack.

What is the windscreen for the MagicMic™ for?

The windscreen minimizes annoying wind noise and breathing sounds, improving recording quality in outdoor settings or during intensive use. It is particularly useful for outdoor recordings and in strong winds.

Can I use the USB-C to USB-C adapter with other devices?

Yes, the USB-C to USB-C adapter is universal and can be used with all devices that have a USB-C port. This includes many modern smartphones, tablets and laptops.

What is the advantage of the USB to 2x USB-C adapter?

The USB to 2x USB-C adapter allows you to connect two USB-C devices to a standard USB port at the same time. This is especially useful if you want to use the MagicMic™ together with another USB-C device.

Which devices is the USB-C to Lightning adapter suitable for?

The USB-C to Lightning adapter allows you to connect the MagicMic™ to iOS devices that have a Lightning connector, such as iPhones and iPads. This makes it ideal for Apple users who want to make high-quality audio recordings.

When should I use the jack connector (3-pin to 3-pin)?

The 3-pole jack connector (3-pole to 3-pole) is ideal for connecting your MagicMic™ to professional audio equipment such as mixers and amplifiers that also have 3-pole connectors. It ensures stable and high-quality audio transmission.

Which devices require the jack connection (3-pin to 2-pin)?

The 3-pin to 2-pin jack connector is used to connect the MagicMic™ to older or specialty audio devices that only have a 2-pin connector. This includes older recorders or certain cameras.

How do I improve the audio quality of my recordings?

To achieve the best audio quality, use the MagicMic™ with the appropriate accessories such as the windscreen and the appropriate adapters. Also make sure to position the microphone correctly and record in a quiet environment.

Can I buy the MagicMic™ accessories separately?

Yes, all accessories for the 3rd Generation MagicMic™ are sold individually and can be purchased as needed.

I no longer want my order, can I cancel and return it?

We have a refund policy for damaged/missing goods. We do not offer cancellations if the shipping email has already been sent. Once the item(s) have been dispatched, we no longer have control over them.

You can request a refund AFTER you receive your item, according to our returns policy.

In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive within 3-5 weeks (due to lost mail, etc.), please contact us and we will help you ship a new product free of charge.

Refunds and returns will not be processed after 30 days (from delivery). Thank you for your understanding!

See our full return/exchange/refund policy. Every case is different, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.